About Us

If you manage a fleet of vans, hire cars, trucks or other vehicles, you’re probably all too well aware of the massive headaches associated with fleet management. From fines, to fees, tracking vehicles, paying infringements and keeping a log of your drivers and assets: fleet management can be a real nightmare task for companies of any shape and size. MFA e FleetPass is here to help, delivering tailor made, professional solutions for you and your fleet.

The small, tight knit team at MFA e FleetPass are dedicated to helping you keep your fleet on the road, tailoring specifically designed solutions for you and your fleet of vehicles: whether you have a handful of company cars you need to keep track of, or whether you manage a massive fleet of large trucks. MFA e FleetPass is committed to delivering sophisticated, tailor made packages for each of our clients – including features such as semi-automated driver logging, fine management, fee management, GPS tracking, and simplified toll travel – to keep your business on the road. Call today to learn more about how the experienced team at MFA e FleetPass can help you and your fleet.