eFleet Toll Pass Fees

Casual user pass with no ongoing monthly fees and easy automatic payments by credit card
Coverage Travel on any toll road in Australia and New Zealand (coming soon in July 2021)
Duration Up to 30 days
Payment Credit/Debit Card only
Start-up fee
  • $1.50 (Online)
  • $3.30 (Agent)
  • $5.95 (Retail outlet)
Account fee n/a
Security deposit n/a
Opening balance n/a
Total daily costs
  • $1.50 (Online)
  • $3.30 (Agent)
  • $0 (Non-Toll Roads)
Minimum top-up amount n/a
Tag collection No Tag required
Top-up Trigger Not Applicable – Can be modified from Driver Profile Login
Towing another vehicle You will need to purchase two eTollPasses, one for Your Vehicle and an additional Pass for the vehicle being towed (e.g. Caravan, Trailer)
Motorcycles An eFleetPass can be registered for motorcycles
Email statements Free email statement and Driver Wallet Features
Posted statements (optional) $35.00 per statement
Replacement statement (email) $0.00 per statement
Replacement statement (post) $0.00 per statement
Account closure fee (if within first six months) n/a
Reconnection Fee n/a Tag
Replacement Fee (Tag not returned, lost, stolen or damaged) $75
Tag Rental Fee for customers when Renting a vehicle: $0.50 per toll
Tag Rental Fee for Leasing customers: $3.30 per month
Vehicle Matching Fees are from $1.00 to $1.25 for each Toll
No Tag in Vehicle Fee n/a
Credit card payments may incur a merchant fee. No Additional Fees are charged.